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The Grip that Stifles – When Control Becomes a Chain

  The Grip That Stifles – When Control Becomes a Chain A leader’s grasp can be powerful: guiding, shaping, and propelling a team towards a shared goal. But when that grasp tightens into a controlling grip, it risks strangling not just progress, but the very spirit of the team itself. Micromanagement Takes Hold Too much…

Lost in the Leadership Labyrinth: Navigating the Management Maze for Results

Feeling like a hamster on a wheel, spinning tirelessly but never quite reaching the goal? Does managing your team feel more like navigating a labyrinth blindfolded than confidently guiding them to success? You’re not alone. Leadership, especially in today’s complex and ever-evolving workplace, can feel like a daunting maze. Luckily, we can equip ourselves with…

Taming the Workplace Tiger, Conflict Resolution

Let’s face it, work isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Disagreements, misunderstandings, and ruffled feathers are par for the course in any collaboration. But how we handle these conflicts is the true test of our professional mettle. Here’s why effective conflict resolution at work is more than just keeping the peace: Deloitte’s “Well-Being at Work Survey” found…

The Art of Management Mentoring

What sets exceptional leaders apart from the rest? Is it an innate talent, a stroke of luck, or something else entirely? The answer often lies in the transformative effect of Management Mentoring – a dynamic journey of growth, learning, and empowerment. Effective leadership is essential for organisational success. However, developing strong leaders is never easy….

Mastering Assertiveness: Empowerment in Personal and Professional Communication

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had ideas to share, but struggled to find the right words to express them? Or perhaps you wished you could assert your needs confidently without feeling anxious about the consequences. In the fast-paced and competitive world we live in, assertiveness is an essential skill that…

Make Kindness your Authentic Leadership Principle

We are all thinking about making changes to bring a fresh focus in these difficult times, even if the end of ‘lockdown’ is in sight. The new year has passed but it is not too late to look back on what went well (maybe not a lot in 2020!) and forward to what we can…

Engagement is about people – not technology

Engagement in learning comes from a belief that we are connecting with someone (or something) from which we will get some benefit. If we don’t have any confidence that the content will be of use, we are unlikely to participate in the learning and certainly won’t implement it back in the workplace. Of course, it…

Don’t fear the Tough Conversations

Difficult conversations are part of everyday life at work but, of course, knowing that doesn’t make them any easier. Approaching them with clarity is the key and so proper preparation is essential. “That’s OK, but what if we’re not on the same page?” Well, that’s the point – you’re not likely to be on the…

Has clear leadership ever been more necessary

In considering the impact of Covid-19, an inevitable conclusion is that Leadership has been key for organisations that have ‘ridden out the storm’ so far. Some of that survival has been down to luck. Industries have flourished during this extraordinary time because of the staggering increase in demand for their products (masks, sanitizer etc.). Others,…

Is coaching giving advice?

“Not that old chestnut”, I hear you say. Well, yes actually, because the pendulum seems to be swinging back again. Plenty of experienced Managers and Coaching Thought Leaders (of serious renown) are saying that Coaching can be about giving advice if that’s what the person being coached (or person who has asked for some help)…

… confident, caring, knowledgeable; handled the team dynamics very well; informative and fun.

Tailored advice and feedback to the individuals and teams as he got to know us better; personal.

Great at defusing tricky situations.

Respectful and caring Educator and a wonderful individual.

Extremely good facilitator of many discussions, valuing everyone in the group.

Clear presenter; good at bringing across the material.

Very good facilitator; great listener and a great sense of humour.

On a personal level I felt it was the first time that I had been able to draw a breath and think about all you discussed since the start of Covid. So, a huge thank you, the content, slides, interaction on chat etc was all brilliant.

Special kudos to him for creating the psychological space that enabled the group to publicly share feedback

In addition to the training material itself, Hans was able to provide deeper answers on specific topics that came from more experienced managers.

Super confident, had answers for everything or helped find them. Really, good. Pretty impressed!

Great speaker, leaving sufficient space for attendees to get involved in the discussions

Hans was an engaging facilitator and was able to both answer questions expertly and cultivate a healthy dialogue including the whole room.

Good sense of humour, effective at delivering content and soliciting questions from the audience.

Hans did great job in involving people to have discussion about the various issues instead of just presenting them, much appreciated!

Clear, engaging and committed to helping us – amazing facilitator