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Team Development

Building high performing teams has never been more important than it is today. With teams distributed around the globe and flexible arrangements meaning that more people are working from home, the pressure is on to maximise the contribution that teamwork makes to driving success.

The benefits of Team Development include:

  • Energising employee confidence and motivation
  • Building team loyalty and identity
  • Encouraging collaboration
  • Giving teams a combination of learning and enjoyment
  • Identifying personal areas for development
  • Developing communication and engagement
  • Raising the awareness of individual and group expertise

Our Team Development initiatives drive change and inspire. Rewarding for the team, both individually and collectively, people are encouraged to experiment with new experiences and push the boundaries.

Events range from rewarding successful teams to working with dysfunctional teams needing ‘repair’. Between these extremes lies the opportunity to combine training and discovery with activities (online, indoor or outdoor) that are challenging, enjoyable and fulfilling.

Always thought provoking, the activities often promote a competitive spirit so that urgency and the ‘will to win’ become part of the team DNA and transfer effectively to the workplace. We try to show what is possible and challenge the team to take these behaviours into their daily work.

Talk To Us

… confident, caring, knowledgeable; handled the team dynamics very well; informative and fun.

Tailored advice and feedback to the individuals and teams as he got to know us better; personal.

Great at defusing tricky situations.

Respectful and caring Educator and a wonderful individual.

Extremely good facilitator of many discussions, valuing everyone in the group.

Clear presenter; good at bringing across the material.

Very good facilitator; great listener and a great sense of humour.

On a personal level I felt it was the first time that I had been able to draw a breath and think about all you discussed since the start of Covid. So, a huge thank you, the content, slides, interaction on chat etc was all brilliant.

Special kudos to him for creating the psychological space that enabled the group to publicly share feedback

In addition to the training material itself, Hans was able to provide deeper answers on specific topics that came from more experienced managers.

Super confident, had answers for everything or helped find them. Really, good. Pretty impressed!

Great speaker, leaving sufficient space for attendees to get involved in the discussions

Hans was an engaging facilitator and was able to both answer questions expertly and cultivate a healthy dialogue including the whole room.

Good sense of humour, effective at delivering content and soliciting questions from the audience.

Hans did great job in involving people to have discussion about the various issues instead of just presenting them, much appreciated!

Clear, engaging and committed to helping us – amazing facilitator